Video: Use the Vertical

If you watched my shop tour video, you know that my shop is absolutely crammed full. Perhaps that’s not surprising given that I’m interested in so many, many different things – woodworking and turning, 3D printing, machining, resin art, electronics, and metal casting are just a few of my current pursuits. But it is, of course, a challenge to fit all those interests into a small shop. I think that’s a pain that a lot of us feel.

That said, I’m pretty happy with how much I’ve been able to fit into my shop. And I owe it all to my wife, who is the undisputed champion of Possessions Tetris. She taught me that one of the keys to making things work is to use the vertical – look up and look down, and you’ll find space you might not know you had.

I think the video explains it better than I could do in words, so I’ll just recommend you have a look. I’ll have more to say about shop organization in future videos, but if you have ideas about how better to use space, I’d love to hear them! Leave me a comment here or on the video.

Hope you find this useful, or at least entertaining. Thanks!

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