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The premise of the show is simple: find interesting people and ask them “What are you learning?” and “What are you making?” As a bonus, at the end of the show we also ask them to share a piece of advice. I find the answers endlessly fascinating. I hope you will, too.

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The show is also available as a YouTube playlist. View it there for captions and subtitles, which some viewers may find helpful, especially those for whom English is not a first language.


Podcast Episode 010 – James Avery

The thing I spend more of my time making than anything else is the company I work for. In this episode, I talk with James Avery, founder and CEO of that company, Kevel, about building a company, leadership, letting go, and a variety of other things.

Podcast Episode 009 – Carin Meier

I talk with Carin Meier, a software engineer with Reify Health, about artificial intelligence/machine learning, including some of the pitfalls thereof, but also about gardening and being kind to yourself.

Podcast Episode 008 – Peter Bettenberg

I talk with my friend and amateur blacksmith, Peter Bettenberg, about his journey into blacksmithing, his quest to make a Viking shield, and a quote from Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Podcast Episode 007 – Clint Andera

I talk with Clint Andera, one of my brothers, about his making and learning in woodworking, music, and the sport of curling. Along the way we also discuss imposter syndrome in woodworking and teaching as a learning technique.

Podcast Episode 006 – Andrew Ehlers

I talk with my good friend Andrew about the projects we’ve done together, his adventures in making wood curve, and his work at the NTSB as a maritime accident investigator.

Podcast Episode 005 – Michael Fogus

In this episode, I talk to the inimitable Fogus about his deep dive into philosophy through the lens of heavy metal. Along the way, we also discuss ancient Egypt and his quest to develop a “highly influential nothing”.

Podcast Episode 004 – Mike Fikes

I talk with Mike Fikes about his quest to learn electronics, and in so doing, to make ClojureScript a workable option for programming a microcontroller. Crazy? Yes, yes it is. But also cool.

Podcast Episode 003 – Russ Olsen

I talk with my friend and former coworker Russ Olsen about making cigar box guitars, giving emotionally compelling talks to rooms full of ex-military people, and a host of other topics.

Podcast Episode 002 – Tim Ewald

I talk with my coworker and close friend Tim Ewald about woodworking, hand tools, the fact that tools change the way you think about problems, and our changing approaches to problem solving in design and making.

Podcast Episode 001 – Rob Stenzinger

I talk with my good friend Rob Stenzinger about his learning and making, which includes video games, courses, user experience consulting, drawing, and a lot more. We also attempt to get in touch with our inner yoga spirit horse coaches.

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