Video: Two-Part Silicone Alternatives, Part 3

Or, as I like to call it, “A crazy person tries to make molds with silicone caulk.” But I think I actually got it to work! The secret was to use injection wax, which for reasons I have not bothered to find out, hardens better and faster than the other waxes I have tried.

This approach is still not quite as good as the two-part stuff, but it is darn close as long as you use the mold shortly after making it. They will still shrink A LOT as they cure completely.

I’ve got one more avenue to pursue on this Crazy Quest, which is to see if gelatin-based molds will work. Alumalite Amazing Remelt is one such material, but it can actually be made very cheaply and easily at home. More about that in a future video, though.

Anyway, if you’ve followed the series this far, good on you. 🙂

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