Podcast Episode 000 – Paul deGrandis

I’m back! After a break of over four years from my last podcast – the Cognicast (still going strong I’m pleased to see) – I’ve decided to jump back in. The idea of the show was just too good a fit with the concept of the site to pass up: just ask interesting people “What are you learning?” and “What are you building?” and let them talk.

So I was thrilled to do just that in this first episode with my guest Paul deGrandis. His answers to those two questions were fascinating to me, as I knew they would be. I think you’ll agree. We talked about robots, naval architecture, and espresso machines. Oh, and I manage to get the name of my own show wrong.

I’m still working on getting the show submitted to the various services. And there seem to still be a few kinks to work out with my setup. So if the above player doesn’t work for you, download the show here. For now you can subscribe using this RSS URL.

I hope you enjoy the show. I had so much fun I’m definitely going to be doing more of these. So please have a listen and leave a comment telling me what you think. And, hey, if you feel like helping out, I’d really appreciate it if you’d share the show with anyone you think might enjoy it.



This episode is also available on YouTube:

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