Podcast Episode 001 – Rob Stenzinger

I had so much fun on the first one, I decided to do it again. This time, I talk with my close friend of many years, Rob Stenzinger. We talk, as always, about making and learning, and also about getting in touch with our inner yoga spirit horse coaches.

Listen to the podcast on this page or download it here. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or via RSS.

You can find Rob on the web at interactive-storyteller.com. His links page has all the places on the web he can be found – social media, GitHub, etc.

Things we talked bout:

In the spirit of Rob’s excellent advice to “talk to the people you’re making something for”, I’d love to hear from you about this show, future guests you’d like to hear me interview, or anything about the whole Get Smarter and Make Stuff media empire. Thanks!

This episode is also available on YouTube. View it there for a transcript and subtitles.

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