Podcast Episode 006 – Andrew Ehlers

My good friend Andrew Ehlers is a really interesting guy, and is someone I wanted to have on the show right from the start. I’m so glad I did. It was fun to discuss his projects both current and former, including the cherrywood dining room table we built together, and the stand-up paddle board he’s taken on as a pandemic project. The first was an adventure in making things straight and flat, and the second is an ongoing adventure in bending things. Good stuff.

But we also got to touch on the fact that he has had some of the most interesting jobs of anyone I know. To give you some idea of how interesting our conversation was, one of them was commanding the the USS Cole…and we didn’t even get around to talking about it! Well, I’ll just have to have him back on. Looking forward to it already.

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This episode is also available on YouTube. View it there for a transcript and subtitles.

Links and Notes


My kids’ treehouse, which Andrew had a big hand in

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