Home Eng Project #4

The 13yo did this entirely by herself. We don’t have a wheel, hence the slight irregularities.

My thirteen-year-old and I have continued to work on our “Home Eng” projects. Our latest was a pretty quick one: pottery. I recently bought a small melting furnace for use in the shop for a variety of things – melting for casting, maybe heat treating – but it works perfectly well for low-fire clay.

RapidFire Pro-LP Electric Kiln Furnace-2200F 10 Min Melt Gold - Programmable Controller
Really digging this little furnace.

We don’t (yet) have a pottery wheel, so she formed this one entirely by hand. We fired it, then she glazed it using masking tape to create the geometric pattern. She tells me she’s going to fill it with wax and make a candle of it. Should look great on her desk!

Now I need to figure out what we’re going to do next. Maybe spoon carving? If you’ve got a suggestion, I’d love to hear it. Leave me a comment or throw me a shout on Twitter.

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