Podcast Episode 008 – Peter Bettenberg

New show! This time, I talk with Peter Bettenberg, a longtime friend of mine. Peter is an amateur blacksmith, and one of the board members of the Minnesota Guild of Metalsmiths. We talked about his journey to blacksmithing and how that connects him to his grandfather (a member of the Dutch Resistance during World War II), how a Halloween costume idea turned into a quest to make an object capable of being hit with an axe by an angry Viking, and a quote from The Edge.

Listen to the podcast on this page or download it here. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or via RSS.

This episode is also available on YouTube. View it there for a transcript and subtitles.

Links and Notes


Peter in full regalia
A Blacksmith’s Leg Vise
The shave pony I built with my younger daughter.

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