Video: Electronic Leadscrew Complete!

It works! I have completed by build of James Clough’s lathe electronic leadscrew. It was a rather straightforward matter of replacing my 3D-printed pulleys with some aluminum ones I purchased. But I’m thrilled with the result. Not only does it add push-button convenience for turning and threading, but I learned a lot about machining, electronics, motors, and a bunch of other stuff.

See this post if you need a backgrounder on what an electronic leadscrew is and why I might want to add one to my metal lathe.

Finally, I have to thank James Clough profusely. It would have been a major challenge for me to do this project without the excellent work he has done in making his design available to the rest of us. He’s also one of my favorite YouTubers – go check out his channel and if you like it, subscribe!

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