Video: Two-part Silicone Alternatives, Part 2

My high school friends and I had a term, “Crazy Quest,” that I think accurately describes my search for an alternative to two-part silicone mold making materials like OOMOO 30. At this point I’ve spent well over a hundred dollars on hardware-store silicone caulk, mineral spirits, and multiple different types of wax, all supposedly motivated by the fact that two-part silicones have a short shelf life and are therefore expensive. Ha.

Anyway, I nearly tossed this latest video. I shot it and edited it, all of which took a long time, and when it was done I was struck by how long it was given that it was mostly failure. But, after thinking about it for a bit, and then seeing James Clough’s “mistakes” video I realized that I was being too precious about the whole thing. Yes, I didn’t succeed in finding the holy grail of a cheap, convenient, high-quality alternative, yet, but hey it’s all a process. And if the video is a bit long? Well, people can watch or not – I’m not making any money off of this channel so what’s the problem?

In short: relax, dude. I’ll do better next time, and hey this is all for fun anyway.

So with all that said, I still hope you enjoy this video, part two of my Silicone Crazy Quest.

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