Video: One Hundred Subscriber Special – Shop Update Preview

I was out to dinner with the family a couple of weeks ago, and I told the kids, “Oh hey the YouTube channel has 99 subscribers. One more and maybe I’ll have to figure out some way to mark the occasion.” The 17yo took out her phone and subscribed. “Welp. Guess I’ll figure something out.”

We’re actually well past 100 at the point, but I finally got around to editing and publishing the thing I had in mind: a preview of the extensive shop expansion I’m working on. It will something like triple my space when it’s all done, but it’s a gigantic, mulitstage project involving relocating my office, jackhammering up a floor that’s covered with asbestos tiles, and all manner of disruptions. It’s going to take a long time, but here’s a video showing progress to date and giving some idea of what I plan to do.

If you’ve subscribed, thanks! This is a hobby for me – I’m not trying to make a living off of this or anything – but I find it encouraging that so many people have taken an interest. I’ve enjoyed making videos, even when the editing is a bit of a slog. Just one more thing I can make and get smarter on – a good thing!


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