Podcast Episode 002 Audio PEBKAC

Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. That’s me. Image from Know Your Meme.

In software, we use the acronym PEBKAC. It stands for “Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair”, and it’s just a funny way of saying “user error”. I am a living example: I managed to publish episode 002 with the audio from episode 001. Apparently WordPress picks up on the first audio link in the post, rather than the audio content, and I had mistakenly pasted the wrong thing.

Anyway, looks like the RSS is showing the correct URL now, so it hopefully should sort itself out as things propagate. In the meantime, the audio for episode 002 can be downloaded directly from here.

Apologies! Hopefully this is just one of those unavoidable missteps that happens at the start of any projects and things will be smooth from here on out.

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