Video: Cutting Plywood with a Track Saw

I’ve been working on a longer video showing my progress on the electronic leadscrew, but it’s not going very well, due to the fact that I’m still relatively inexperienced at YouTube video production. I’ll get it done, but it’s taking a while. So I thought I’d do a quick video in the meantime.

This past weekend, I had to cut up some plywood to make some Cornhole boards, and I figured it would be a good chance to show off one my my favorite power tools: my track saw.

I talked about track saws in my “Getting Started with Woodworking” post. I think they are fantastic tools to have in your arsenal, particularly if you – like me – don’t own a table saw. They’re accurate, safe, easy to use, and have excellent dust collection. I personally have the Makita, since it had the best price/performance characteristics at the time given my requirements. My brother and a good friend of mine have both since purchased one as well, and are similarly happy with them, but I understand the Dewalt and Festool are also very good.

Anyway, it’s a short video at just under five minutes, so have a watch. And, if you feel so inclined, please like and subscribe – doing so gives me a better sense of what people are interested in and helps steer the types of content I create. Thanks!

Things mentioned in this video:

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