Video: TIG Brazing – Cast Iron Handplane Repair

I’m a big fan of The Accidental Woodworker, a blog where amateur woodworker Ralph writes daily about his growth as a woodworker. One of his interests includes restoring old handplanes. He does a great job bringing them back to looking like new, and performing even better. So when he recently posted about his difficulties locatingContinue reading “Video: TIG Brazing – Cast Iron Handplane Repair”

Home Eng Project #5 – Trick

My thirteen-year-old and I have continued to go into the shop for “Home Eng” (read more here) even after school has ended for her and we’ve shifted into summer mode. I have been trying to focus on shorter projects, since those seem to hold her attention a bit better. I do want to take onContinue reading “Home Eng Project #5 – Trick”

Video: Shop Tour

New video out! This was the one I intended to be the first for the new channel, but editing took a while so I decided to post the melting aluminum video first instead. Nothing too special here, just a look around my very, very crowded shop. But It’s one of my favorite places in theContinue reading “Video: Shop Tour”

Getting Started with Woodworking

I get asked from time to time how to get started with woodworking. Specifically, how to get started in woodworking if you want to work like me: with a decreased utilization of power tools. Read this post for more information on what this means and how I came to it. For a few suggestions, readContinue reading “Getting Started with Woodworking”