Video: Assembly the Harbor Freight Utility Trailer

I recently purchased the Harbor Freight 1720 lb utility trailer. So far, I really like it! It’s going to make getting sheets of drywall home from the home center a lot easier than the roof rack I was previously using. It even folds up into a small enough footprint that I can store it inContinue reading “Video: Assembly the Harbor Freight Utility Trailer”

Home Eng Project #5 – Trick

My thirteen-year-old and I have continued to go into the shop for “Home Eng” (read more here) even after school has ended for her and we’ve shifted into summer mode. I have been trying to focus on shorter projects, since those seem to hold her attention a bit better. I do want to take onContinue reading “Home Eng Project #5 – Trick”

Podcast Episode 002 Audio PEBKAC

In software, we use the acronym PEBKAC. It stands for “Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair”, and it’s just a funny way of saying “user error”. I am a living example: I managed to publish episode 002 with the audio from episode 001. Apparently WordPress picks up on the first audio link in the post,Continue reading “Podcast Episode 002 Audio PEBKAC”

Video: Electronic Leadscrew Update

Following on my post the other day describing my progress with James Clough’s Lathe Electronic Leadscrew project, here’s a video showing a bit more detail. It covers the same ground but in video form – hope that’s useful. Have a look, and if you feel like it at the end, click like and subscribe. Thanks!