Video: Electronic Leadscrew Progress, Part 3

It’s working! Mostly! I can use my lathe again! Unless I want to do single point threading on it, which I do. But still, I believe I am down to one problem. In this video, I show the working bits and discuss the details of said problem. Hopefully the next video is the last one on this subject, because I’m ready to button this guy up and call it done.

See this post if you need a backgrounder on what an electronic leadscrew is and why I might want to add one to my metal lathe.

Hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Video: Electronic Leadscrew Progress, Part 3

  1. I also have a GO768 DRO latjhe and I put together the Clough42 ELS. I’m driving the lead screw similar to you, from the right end with a socket on the backlash adjustment nut.. However, I think I have a better encoder solution which might help you. I mounted a 60T gear from the gear set on the banjo to mesh with the spindle 40T gear to serve as an intermediate gear. I used one small companion gear required to mount the 60T to the T-bolt aligned with the spindle gear. I fabricated a brass bushing to allow me to mount the other 40T gear that is included in the gear set that comes with the lathe, onto the encoder shaft. Then I fabricated a simple offset bracket to hold the encoder at the correct distance from the banjo to align the encoder 40T gear with the 60T intermediate gear. That bracket mounts to the banjo using the other T-bolt. This allows me to adjust the gear mesh with the 60T gear. With the 40T spindle gear driving a 60T intermediate gear, driving a 40T encoder gear produces exactly one rev of encoder for one rev of spindle, with both turning in the same direction.. No skipping or slipping, and no cog belts or cog pulleys. I removed all the other gears including the transmission drive gear and put the transmission in neutral. Finally, I cut a small hole in the cover to allow the end of the encoder to protrude through so the cover can fit back on properly. It is a very smooth install, works perfectly, is quiet, and it stays perfectly sync’d. Hope this is helpful. I can send pictures if you provide an email address.

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    1. Very interesting! I have an unreleased video in which I show my working version – I did manage to get the belt working, so I’m not sure I want to mess with it any more, but I would definitely like to see your solution. For one thing, I still have a plastic bracket that I’m not thrilled with. And I don’t doubt that your solution is superior, although I did manage to get mine to fit without having to put any holes in the cover.

      But yes, very much interested to see what you did! You can email Also, congrats on your build – I hope it was easier for you than it was for me. 🙂


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