Project Update: Lathe Electronic Leadscrew

I realized it might be interesting for some people to read about what I have on the bench. So this is the first in what I hope will be an ongoing series of project updates. I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a huge fan of James Clough. His YouTube channel is full of consistentlyContinue reading “Project Update: Lathe Electronic Leadscrew”

Video: Shop Tour

New video out! This was the one I intended to be the first for the new channel, but editing took a while so I decided to post the melting aluminum video first instead. Nothing too special here, just a look around my very, very crowded shop. But It’s one of my favorite places in theContinue reading “Video: Shop Tour”

Getting Started with Woodworking

I get asked from time to time how to get started with woodworking. Specifically, how to get started in woodworking if you want to work like me: with a decreased utilization of power tools. Read this post for more information on what this means and how I came to it. For a few suggestions, readContinue reading “Getting Started with Woodworking”

Getting Smarter: Video Production

Obviously, given that I posted the inaugural video for the Get Smarter and Make Stuff YouTube channel yesterday, I’ve been spending time working with video. And I’d like to think that – while I won’t be winning any Emmys for my work – I’ve really stepped up the production values from my previous videos. InContinue reading “Getting Smarter: Video Production”

Getting Smarter: Machining and Metalworking

I’m relatively new at metalworking. I bought my metal lathe and my mill a little over a year ago. Certainly I’m far more experienced at woodworking. But sometimes I think the perspective of a beginner is the most helpful to other beginners. We haven’t yet forgotten what was hard or mysterious. With that in mind,Continue reading “Getting Smarter: Machining and Metalworking”