Video: Electronic Leadscrew Progress, Part 2

Whew! Making videos is hard work. Especially when you forget to turn the mic back on after lunch or lose a bunch of video files. Not that I know anyone that would do that. Ahem. Oh well, I’m still learning. Which, after all, is kind of the point. So here’s a video describing my progressContinue reading “Video: Electronic Leadscrew Progress, Part 2”

Podcast Episode 002 Audio PEBKAC

In software, we use the acronym PEBKAC. It stands for “Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair”, and it’s just a funny way of saying “user error”. I am a living example: I managed to publish episode 002 with the audio from episode 001. Apparently WordPress picks up on the first audio link in the post,Continue reading “Podcast Episode 002 Audio PEBKAC”